Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Summer Break

its been a while since my last post. been a busy month for me this past month, a lot of activities that keeps me away from the pc for a long time.

its the month of june and back to school again (for students and teachers). actually for me, its back to everything. being bantay sa shop, back to hatid sundo sa school and back from vacation. yes, kahit na hampas lupa itong inyong lingkod, i can still afford pa naman to have a decent vacation together with the whole family.

i am happy to say that this is the vacation that the whole family really enjoyed (pwera lang siguro ako, lalo na pag na iimagine ko ang damage it will do to my pocket!). this time we really planned several months earlier.

we left Antique May 22 for Manila. Our itinerary will be May 25-29 Manila and May 29-June 2 Cebu. The company includes me, my wife, the two kids FP and ZY, Joy-joy ( our all-around assistant/scholar and Pebbles, my wife's 7-year old niece who is on a reward-vacation (she was allowed to go with us as a reward for passing the entrance exam of Antique SPED Center's Grade 1-FL (Fast Learner). It also happened that our FP nearly topped (no. 2) in the Qualifying Exam of the same school in Preparatory-FL. So its another reason for us to pursue the planned vacation plus we have to fulfill our panaad (a thanksgiving celebration and a fulfillment of a promise and vow)to Sto. NiƱo de Cebu for the safe and normal delivery of our second son ZY.

we booked our ticket via PAL a month before so walang hassle sa transpo namin back and forth. i know some of you nakataas na ang kilay thinking that booking 2 rountrip tickets for 5 pax on a peak season means loads of money. Mayaman si Fafa! hehehe! actually we are using the reward points we earned from mabuhay miles and the points from Mama Nene and Toto Eric(wife's aunt and cousin in U.S.). We have to pay for the taxes though, ( which is almost the same as the ticket price on regular season! wadapak!). Akala namin napamura na but, parang ganun pa rin pala! hehehe! (yan kasi, hindi muna nagtanong tanong kung may tubig bago tumalon sa balon! hehehe)

Though nabutas nang husto ang bulsa, i think its worth naman since doon ko lang nakitang Dondon really enjoyed his vacation (everytime kasi na magbabakasyon kami ay laging nagkakasakit kaya hindi gaanong makapag enjoy sa mga gala) lalong lalo na sa Manila Ocean Park and Snow Town in Star City plus other places we visited including Flying Kite at Luneta and even on the Mall's Playground!

Here are some of the pics from our vacation.