Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Super Woman

hi there! whew! its been a loooong time since i made my last post. you might be wondering why it took me almost a month to make another post.

as always, (gasgas na alibi) been very busy with work. hehehe!seriously, i was preoccupied with lots of things lately that keeps me from clicking my blog site and update my posts.

one is my upcoming business venture in the Philippines (and i pray it would be a success or
else i will end up planting kamote when i go home! hehehehe!) that kept me always on chatrooom with my wife talking and planning for the preparations since she will be single handedly doing all the things from looking for the space to rent, contacting the persons needed to do the paintings, electrical wirings, carpentry, canvassing for materials, acquiring business permit, etc.etc.

these are just extra loads to her already loaded schedule of monday- friday work atthe bank, being the both father and mother to our four-year old son, and keeping her garden watered and always in bloom everyday!

whew! thinking about these loads, i dont think i can even handle it all by myself! but my wife really keeps me amazed on how she fits these on her schedule and be able to accomplish all on time.

she's my Superwoman!

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