Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Little Summer Break

its been a while since my last post. been a busy month for me this past month, a lot of activities that keeps me away from the pc for a long time.

its the month of june and back to school again (for students and teachers). actually for me, its back to everything. being bantay sa shop, back to hatid sundo sa school and back from vacation. yes, kahit na hampas lupa itong inyong lingkod, i can still afford pa naman to have a decent vacation together with the whole family.

i am happy to say that this is the vacation that the whole family really enjoyed (pwera lang siguro ako, lalo na pag na iimagine ko ang damage it will do to my pocket!). this time we really planned several months earlier.

we left Antique May 22 for Manila. Our itinerary will be May 25-29 Manila and May 29-June 2 Cebu. The company includes me, my wife, the two kids FP and ZY, Joy-joy ( our all-around assistant/scholar and Pebbles, my wife's 7-year old niece who is on a reward-vacation (she was allowed to go with us as a reward for passing the entrance exam of Antique SPED Center's Grade 1-FL (Fast Learner). It also happened that our FP nearly topped (no. 2) in the Qualifying Exam of the same school in Preparatory-FL. So its another reason for us to pursue the planned vacation plus we have to fulfill our panaad (a thanksgiving celebration and a fulfillment of a promise and vow)to Sto. NiƱo de Cebu for the safe and normal delivery of our second son ZY.

we booked our ticket via PAL a month before so walang hassle sa transpo namin back and forth. i know some of you nakataas na ang kilay thinking that booking 2 rountrip tickets for 5 pax on a peak season means loads of money. Mayaman si Fafa! hehehe! actually we are using the reward points we earned from mabuhay miles and the points from Mama Nene and Toto Eric(wife's aunt and cousin in U.S.). We have to pay for the taxes though, ( which is almost the same as the ticket price on regular season! wadapak!). Akala namin napamura na but, parang ganun pa rin pala! hehehe! (yan kasi, hindi muna nagtanong tanong kung may tubig bago tumalon sa balon! hehehe)

Though nabutas nang husto ang bulsa, i think its worth naman since doon ko lang nakitang Dondon really enjoyed his vacation (everytime kasi na magbabakasyon kami ay laging nagkakasakit kaya hindi gaanong makapag enjoy sa mga gala) lalong lalo na sa Manila Ocean Park and Snow Town in Star City plus other places we visited including Flying Kite at Luneta and even on the Mall's Playground!

Here are some of the pics from our vacation.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to the Christian World, ZY

May 17, 2009 marked another important day in our son's young life. For this day, he received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.

I would like to present to the whole Christian World our son,
ZY O. Sangilan

Welcome, precious little child,
So fresh from God above,
Baptised today in Jesus’ name,
Held in His arms of love.
May angels guide your tiny feet
And bring you smiles to wear,
And may our Heavenly Father
Always keep you in His care.

Here are some pics of the said event

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Look at me mom.....
You're my No. 1!!

To the Best Nanay in the World,
Happy Mother's Day!

HOT Comments Graphics Happy Mothers Day Images Need NEW Comment Codes?

Saan ka man ngayon, i hope na masaya ka sa kinaroroonan mo, dont worry too much sa aming mga naiwan mo. Kahit na nagkakagulo ay maaayos din yan pagdating ng araw....

Miss na kita Nay, I love you!

Iyong bunsong si Hapon

P.S. Kumusta mo na lang ako kay San Pedro.

I would also like to greet the equally Great Mom in the World, my lovely wife a Wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you for giving me two adorable kids. I Love you MOM!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Probinsyana Gwapa

I want to share this OKM video by Noel Alamis. Actually this is one of the first (and undeniably a hit)OKM (Original Kinaray-a Music) and had gained its popularity with its upbeat and danceable tune. It has been aired not just in Antique but also heard in the airwaves and a much requested song in every baylehan of Panay, parts of Negros and even in Mindanao with Karay-a speaking population.

Probinsyana Gwapa
by: Noel Alamis

Nakita ko ron ang akon mangin amiga
Mayad nga ugali kang bukot suplada
Simple mag pamayo pero may pambato
Mahugnay mag yuhom manami kung turukon

Sa andang balay ako nag pamasyar
Ginpanilagan ko panimalay may respeto
Rugto ko nakita ang andang pag palangga
Amo dyang babaye ang akon gina pangita

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhhh

Akon gin pangayo ang anang pag higugma
Gin kun-an na ako nga wara't pagduha duha
Abaw untoy noel imo pasensyaha
Hulat hulat kaw lang kay ako bata pa

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhh

Ako ang nag hulat mga pito ka tuig
Nga ako paga sabton kang ulay nga taga bukid
Ginpamangkot na ako kang kami nagkita
Andot kadya kaw lang ay may bana ron ako

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhh

Repeat Chorus

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spending Town Fiesta Without Torturing The Pocket

Today is our Town Fiesta... the Feast of Sta Monica. Whats interesting about it?.. nothing!

Aside from the poor preparations by our municipality, its been raining like hell for several days already. Thanks to Typhoon Dante. The yearly Hantikan Festival seemed to look like a festival for frogs. The Banig Band's performance of OKM (Original Kinaray-a Music) on the night of Festival's kick off was witnessed by less than a hundred or so (mostly teenagers who didnt bother the sky urinating at them and the flooded town plaza). They were good... thinking that the vocalists are two of the province's known OKM artists and my favorite (Sammy Rubido and Mark Quintela), it should be witnessed and appreciated by more. Thanks to the rain (again) and most people prefer to lay their Banig (sleeping mat) and snore the rainy night off.

The vespera night is also celebrated with a band with matching tables for drinking fronting the stage. Bagay na bagay ang setting since the vocalists' voice are just like singing in the karaoke bar. This time the rain stopped for a while.

The sky poured all the rain early in the morning. I was happy for it since we will not be preparing any food nor accepting any visitors. We agreed that this year we will be practical. Instead of spending a lot for feeding mostly people we don't know and leave us with mountain of dishes to wash afterwards, we would just save it for other activities where the whole family will benefit and enjoy. you might call us stingy but i will call it being paractical. heheh. with the world in crisis, we cant afford to be extravagant!

So the rain continue and i am smiling. With this rain, nobody would dare to visit us at the end of Poblacion (Outside the civilization) and brave the moon-like craters of water and mud just to have free lunch. But alas! Sta Monica seemed to hear all the prayers cause at 11 am the skies cleared and people started to emerge on street like ants after the storm.

Then there's a knock at our door. Its my sister and her 3 kids! she was informed earlier that we are not preparing anything but she insisted. She just wanted to get out of their house away from her mother-in-law for a while (i don't know why there's always an issue when it comes to mother-in-laws?).

So my mother-in-law(whom i love) was forced to rummage our freezer and cook menudo for our insisting guest and she manage to have it served at exactly 12 noon! that was quick! and delicious!

We are busy at the dining table when another knock at the door brought us to a pause. There's a heavy-built 40 something man and a kid with plastic bags of rice and fried fih outside with a letter saying that the kids father was killed by the rebels (i don't know which rebel) and needs some help. I gave them 20 pesos, the only amount left in my wallet. They then asked if we can give them food. So i asked our help to put menudo on a plastic bag and hand it to the visitors.

While our helper hands the menudo, the man suddenly asked "Baboy ba ito, Muslim kami... hindi kami kumakain ng baboy".

Watdahek! nanghihingi na nga, namimili pa! sorry na lang sila since that's the only food we prepared. So the guys went away with only 20 pesos from my dying wallet.

Ten minutes later, we heard another knock and it was these two ladies(Aborigine Aetas) who happened to be the helpers of my wife before when they were still kids and living with their grandparents. They frequent us every fiesta and new year asking for aginaldo and old clothes. I can still remember the last new year that they almost fight over a carton of used clothes, shoes and toys that we prepared for them. We were lucky that its just the two of them today cause in the past they used to be almost a barrio. They just asked for a take-home food since they had already eaten at our cousin's house. So we handed the plastic bag which the Muslim visitor recently rejected and the other lady managed to empty the bowl of menudo that was left at the table and filled her plastic bag. They then asked for jeepney fare for their way home. Life nga naman! i am just thankful i am not in their position to beg for jeepney fare. So, its my wife's purse turn to be drained this time.

Sa awa ng Maykapal, no more visitors disturbed us after that since we ignore text messages of friends who asks if there's extra food left for them.

What a way to spend town fiesta without spending too much! Wag lang sana kaming gabaan ni Sta. Monica for ignoring her Feast.

This is a video of the Banig Band performing in another town's fiesta.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PacMan Hits the HitMan

Its the first time i watch Pacquiao's fight live via pay per view. I am not really a big fan of Manny Pacquiao but i cant help myself from cheering especially when Manny Pacquiao TKOs Ricky Hatton on the second round of their fight.

Pacquiao knocked down Hatton twice in the first round then hit Hatton with a left in the second that sent Hatton flat on his back on the canvass of the MGM Grand Arena.

Pacquiao snatched Hatton’s International Boxing Organization junior welterweight title and his sixth title in different weight divisions.

Congratulations Manny! and to all Filipinos around the world cheering for the People's Champ.... Mabuhay! Medyo sayang nga lang ang mga bumili ng ticket sa mga cinemas. Hindi man lang uminit ang mga puwet, Knock out na kaagad.
To those who have not watched the fight, click this.

*Photos courtesy of Yahoo!images

Monday, April 27, 2009

Doggy Doggy Baw Waw!

They say that dog is man's best friend and i can say yes to that. They are the most effective guards especially at night. However, sometimes instead of being helpful, nakakairita din ang ingay nila pag gabi.

We have 2 dogs at home. We call them Marky (Red) and Pula (White). They were with us for almost four years and they can be trusted when it comes to taking charge of home security at night and even at daytime.

Since the birth of our second child Bos, i felt the obligation to attend to his night time necessities such as changing diapers, bottle feeding, and even singing him to sleep (and its where i really excel! really!). Those who had experienced having to nurse a newborn at night knows that you will really need cups and cups and cups of coffee to be awake.

I've been up till morning for two weeks already. I took the initiative to look for Bos at night so that my wife will have the time to recuperate well from a delicate pregnancy. She needs to be relieved from stress and strenuous movement after pregnancy. Mahirap na baka mabinat, she still have to go back to work in two months time.(I bet she's very lucky to have found a husband like me di ba? o, kokontra ka pa eh!)

So, after i close my shop (around 10-11 pm) i then report to my next duty.Minsan pag hindi na makayanan ang antok, nakakakatulog na lang ako habang pinapadede ang bata. So imbes na makatulog ng mahimbing, magigising ako bigla sa iyak ng bata dahil nag lungad na dahil hindi ko pala napa burp!

Nakaka adjust na sana ako sa ganung routine but lately, nabubuwisit ako dahil maya't maya ang ingay ng mga aso.Nag aaway pa dun mismo sa tapat ng kuwarto namin.

Ang kuwarto namin is on the back portion of the house. Aba! anong ginagawa nila sa gabi at dun sila nagbabantay sa likod-bahay na dapat ay dun sila sa gate or sa harap nng main na pinto or dili kaya ay rumuronda! (Naranasan po ng inyong lingkod na mag guwardiya noong madatung nagbabarko pa ito kaya alam nito ang dapat at hindi dapat kapag nagbabantay!) maya't maya ang away nila at sa wari ko ay may ibang aso silang kaaway. Everytime na magrarambol sila, ganun din ang iyak ng bata dahil nagitla at naabala sa pagkahimbing.

Kinaumagahan, habang may muta pa papungas pungas ay hinanap ko ang dalawa para mabigyan ng leksiyon sa panggugulo nung gabi. Tamang tama naman paglabas ko ay may kaaway na naman sila. Actually itong si Marky lang ang nang aaway ng mga lalaking aso na pumapasok sa bakuran namin habang si Pula ay nasa sulok at waring nanonood lang. Nung araw na yun, panay ang pakikipag away ni Marky at napansin ko na lahat ng aso na pumapasok ay puro lalaki at puro aso sa neighborhood. Syempre matapang si Marky tulad ng amo (misis ko) winner siya palagi. Kung hindi duguan ay papilay pilay na tumatakbo palayo ang mga intruders. It seems that meron siyang pinuprotektahan at ala-Knight in the Shining Armor and role niya.

Napansin ko din sa Marky na to, laging nakabuntot kay Pula kung saan man ito pumunta. This curious mind of mine started to took notice of this peculiar behavior and i started observing (hima sa umaga and the Bos is sleeping kaya i have the luxury of time). Maya maya pa nakita ko sa likod ng bahay itong si Marky ay akmang papatong sa likod ni Pula and started to make his way behind Pula. Itong Pula naman ay parang pabaya lang na parang sinasabi na "O ayan na ang reward mo sa pagiging macho gwapito na bodyguard ko. Go on.. reap the fruits of you labor.." Kaso napansin nila akong namboboso nakatingin kaya hindi natuloy ang action. Nahiya siguro o baka hindi lang makapag concentrate kung may nanonood.

Biglang may bumbilyang nagbukas sa ulo ko.(Kung mahina pik-ap nyo, ibig sabihin nun i was enlightened!). Ito palang si Pula ay in heat. And according sa Animal Science class ko nung nagbubulakbol nag-aaral pa ako sa YUPI ELBI, kapag in heat ang isang hayop, mayroon silang hormones (sort of) na kinakalat sa hangin sending a message na "I am in heat... you are invited to join me in a party!" parang ganun... so ito namang mga male eh tulo laway pagkaamoy ng invitation kaya sugod agad. "Yes! libre kain na naman to!"

Eh ito namang Marky, dahil nga partner niya si Pula, ang lahat ng lalaking aso na lumapit ay inaaway. Siyempre kahit sino ba namang lalaki, pag partner na niya ang kinatalo... aba patayan na! Iningat ingatan mo ng matagal tapos ang iba pa ang makikinabang!

Naalala ko nung nakaraan na mag in-heat itong si Pula ay kawawa ang sinapit sa kamay ng kung sino sinong barakong aso na lumapit sa bahay. Dahil ang lahat ng pumupunta ay nakakatikim ng libre at take note... pinipilahan siya. Pagkatapos ng isa ay may mga nakaabang na waring nag aaway kung sino ang susunod. Ang kawawang Pula ay walang magawa kundi pagbigyan ang kahayukan ng mga tampalasan! At that time itong si Marky ay hindi pa na eestablished ang pagiging dominant male sa neighborhood at walang magawa para ma i rescue ang kanyang damsel in distress. Ang kahayupang iyon ay nagbunga ng apat na cutecute na mga tuta at hindi ko na maalala kung sino sino ang mga pinagbigyan namin nun.

Kaya pala siguro this time ay ganun na lang ang pagtatanggol niya sa partner. Imbes na paghahambalusin ko naghanap na lang ako ng kaning lamig sa kusina at pinakain ng almusal para naman magkaroon pa ng extrang lakas para mas maipagtanggol niya ang kanyang beloved Pula and at the same time ay makapagbantay ng maayos sa bahay.

Doon ko napagtanto na hayop mang ituring ang aso, may mga behavior din na katulad ng isang tao. At meron din naman na tao kung tinuringan pero masahol pa sa aso ang pag-uugali.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adobong Kokak ala Ztirfps

Do you have an appetite for exotic foods? or are you adventurous enough to try one? I have prepared something for you.

Hah! ala WOK WITH YAN naman ngayon ang drama ng inyong lingkod!

Since its been raining here for almost a week now, hindi ako makatulog sa gabi dahil sa ingay ng mga creatures na to. Kaya to make my revenge, i will be preparing something special using them para naman maging kapaki-pakinabang sila aside from being scandalous at night.

Let me show you how to prepare
Adobong Kokak ala Ztirfps


500 grams Pangka Bugungan meat (Palakang Bukid) skinned and cleaned
1 cup vinegar
1-2 medium sized onions sliced
3 bulbs garlic crushed
1 pinch pamintang buo/durog (black pepper whole/crushed)
1 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp atsuwete seeds soaked in 1/4 cup hot water(you can also use food coloring) optional
1 tbsp. cooking oil


1. Make sure to wash the Kokak Meat thoroughly with warm water. Add salt and mix.
2. In medium heat, saute onions, tomato and garlic.
3. Add Kokak meat.
4. Add vinegar and cover. you can also add atsuwete (be sure to strain the seeds)
5. Simmer till the sauce is almost dry. Add black pepper.
6. Serve ad enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bangag sa Abril, Where Art Thou?

Rain had been pouring straight on its third day now. To think that its the month of April, what happened to the local term "Bangag sa Abril" and it seems to nowhere to be found?

Maybe this is what they call Global Warming.

Abnormal as it may seem,yet some are happy for its occurrence this summer; Our newborn son that is saved from the scorching summer heat inside a ceiling less room, and Joy that is saved from her daily obligations of watering the garden.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The New Juan dela Cruz

Been busy lately with house-and-work routines that i cant think of something to write so i just grabbed a post from someone. This really made me laugh!

The New Juan dela Cruz

Bill Gates organized an enormous session to recruit a new chairman for Microsoft Europe.
5000 candidates assembled in a large room.

One candidate was MARIO DIMAYUGA.

Bill Gates: "Thank you for coming. We'll do this by process of elimination to speed up the process. Those who do not know JAVA may leave."

2,000 people left the room.

MARIO said to himself, "Naku! I do not know JAVA but I have nothing to lose if I stay. I'll give it a try."

Bill Gates: "Candidates with no experience managing more than 1000 employees may leave."

2000 people left the room.

Mario said to himself, "Lagot! I never managed anybody but myself but I'm staying. What could happen to me?"

Bill Gates: "Candidates without management diplomas may leave."

500 people left the room.

Mario said to himself, "Asus! I never even graduated, but what have I got to lose?"
So he stayed.

Lastly, Bill Gates asked candidates who did not speak Serbo-Croat to leave.

498 people left the room.

Mario says to himself, "Patay! Ano yon??? But I've gotten this far, I have to stay on."

So he stayed and found himself standing with only one other candidate in the room. Everyone else had eliminated themselves.

Bill Gates joined both candidates and said: "Apparently you two are the only candidates with terrific management skills speaking Serbo-Croat, so I'd now like to hear you converse in that language."

Calmly, Mario turned to the other candidate and said, "Kumusta ka, pare ko"
Without batting an eyelash, the other candidate replied, "Mabuti naman. Ikaw?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friendship Award

Its nice thinking that there are people who considers you as friend even though you haven't met each other. Especially in this wide world of Blogging.

This morning i was glad to receive an award. A Friendship Award.

this award from Carnation who is one of my blogger friends. Thanks, Carnation for this.

The rules are so easy:
1. Place the logo / banner on your blog.
2. Add a link to the blog who gave the award.
3. Nominate other bogs if you want.
4. Add links to the blogs that you have nominated.
5. Let them know by leaving a message (shout) on their blogs.

I am giving this award to these people whom i sincerely considered as friends. Whether i had already met them or not, this award is for you guys!

1. Pareng Gong - the one who inspired me to start blogging.
2. Frances - though i am sure shes got this award also.
3. Tinay - for her seductive cute smile.
4. Utakmunggo - kahit na she don't know me and i don't know her either. I'm just enjoying her blog.
5. Anne - who is silent for a long time (like me)
6. Riva - the model former English teacher who is silent nowadays.
7. Sendo - the nurse wannabe who thinks he is a ninja from burma..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bliss of Waiting

After almost 9 months (8 mos. and 1 week to be exact) of waiting, finally he came.

I would like to introduce the newest member of the
Onanad-Sangilan Family:

ZY "Bos" Onanad Sangilan
Baby Boy
April 9,2009 10:27 am
5.7 lbs.
Angel Salazar Mem. Gen. Hospital

"Lord, we thank you for this another bundle of joy that you entrusted on us. We pray that we will be able to give him all the love, care, understanding, guidance and upbringing that we can in order for him to be the best in whatever he can and wants to be.
We know that this is not an easy task but we are so much grateful for this gift.
Thank you so much Lord and we pray for your guidance, wisdom and strength for us to be able to provide well our responsibilities and duties as parents."

Some trivias about the name:

ZY - last letters of our (me and my wife) name.We decided to give him this name since his older brother's name, FP came from the first letters of our name (Fritz and Pearl Joy)

Bos - as nickname. The name his Lola wrote in all his things. actually we just noticed when the baby is already wearing it. Baby Onanad Sangilan According to my m-i-l (mother-in-law).

Its funny thinking that our eldest is DON and the newborn is BOS. Mga Bigtime!

Ang mag kuyang Bigtime

For more pics of our newborn and the family visit this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Two days ago, dinala ng bayaw ko at ng girlfriend nya ang aming unico hijo sa iloilo and they spent 2 days there para naman daw maigala gala nila ang bata tutal bakasyon naman. Matagal na kaming inaawitan ng mga yun at binibiro na sa kanila na lang daw ang anak namin tutal fertile naman daw kaming mag asawa. Aba, gawin ba kaming pabrika ng bata! kung alam lang nila ang hirap ng pagbubuntis. Kahit na hindi ako ang nagbubuntis, parang suko na rin ako sa hirap lalo na pag ako ang pinagbubuntunan ng mood swings ng misis ko. Walang magawa kundi ang magkamot na lang ng ulo.

So hayun nga mga 2 nights ding kami na lang ni misis ang magkatabi sa gabi. Sabi nga ng iba mapagbiro minsan ang tadhana. Tuwang tuwa sana ako dahil pag ganyang pagkakataon na kami lang 2 sa kwarto, happy hour na namin. kaso sori na lang si pareng manoy, walang happy hour na mangyayari dahil pag ipipilit, baka biglang pumutok na ang tyan ni misis at lumabas na ang aming pangalawang bulinggit. Hayun nakuntento na lang ako sa himas himas sa ga-pakwan niyang tiyan at ang siste, sinisipa sipa pa ako ng bata mula sa loob!

Naalala ko tuloy noong bagong dating pa lang ako galing japan. Nawala din ako ng mga 3 years kaya normal lang na naiilang pa ang junakis ko na noon ay 4 years old pa lang. Unang gabi ko, hindi ako pinatulog katabi sila. Doon daw ako sa kama ng lola niya (iisa lang ang kwarto sa bahay noon dahil hindi pa nga totally natatapos ang bahay namin)at ang byenan ko naman ay pinapatulog nya sa sala. Mga 3 days din sigurong ganun kami pag gabi. Hindi naman makaiskor sa umaga dahil si misis may pasok sa trabaho at ako naman ay nagbabantay sa shop. Kaya parang kwaresma na nagpipinitensya ang inyong lingkod. Dagdagan pa ng byenan ko na after a week ay doon na rin natulog sa loob ng kwarto, tuloy tuloy ang pinitensya ko. Makarinig lang ng konting kaluskos sa kama namin ay agad naman babalikwas sa higaan para iparamdam na gising pa sya.

Totoo nga siguro ang sabi ng iba na byenan ang pinaka kontrabida sa buhay ng isang taong may asawa.Kaya laki ng tawa ko sa reaksiyon niya nung malaman niyang buntis na naman ang anak niya. Narinig ko minsan habang kausap ang pinsan ni misis. "Paano kaya nakalusot yung mga yon eh mas mahigpit pa nga kay Jawo ang pagbabantay ko sa gabi!" Sabi nga, matalino man daw ang matsing, nalulusutan din. Ang sintensya, napilitan kami ni misis na hatiin ang sala at magpagawa ng isa pang kwarto para sa aming gwardiya sibil de noche.

Balik tao sa nauna kong kwento.

E di after 2 nights na puro hilik ang maririnig sa kwarto namin, umaga pa lang pabulong bulong na si misis dahil wala pa rin daw reply ang anak namin sa mga text nya (Yep, marunong nang magtext ang anak naming 5 taon. Ikaw nga lang ang bahalang manghula kung saan mo ilalagay ang mga spaces dahil dirediretso kung mag type). Hindi na nakatiis at tinawagan nga. Habang ako naman, nakahiga pa rin sa kama at nakikinig sa usapan nila sa speaker phone.

heto ang usapan nila:
M: aba! anong ginagawa mo at kanina pa ako nagtitext sa iyo ni isang reply wala akong natanggap!
D: alam mo kasi mommy baka tulog pa ako kanina nung magtext ka
M: anong tulog e tanghali na, anong oras ka ba gumising?
D: may araw na kanina
M: ano, umihi ka na naman ba? umihi ka daw sa higaan nung isang araw sabi ni tito mo.
D: hindi ah! baka umulan lang siguro at nabasa ang higaan (iniba ang usapan) pero alam mo, marami akong toys. nanalo kami ni tito toto kahapon. 2 na ang snakes and ladders ko tapos may bubbles bubbles pa ako. tapos may boat boat pa, digimon at eraser!
M: galing naman! saan ba kayo nagpunta kahapon?
D: sa SM city naglaro kami ni tito toto. dami kami na shoot! sandali kakausapin ko si daddy.
A: hello, kumusta na ano ginagawa mo ngayon?
M: daddy marami akong pinanalunan kahpon! may 2 snakes and ladders, e di 3 na lahat lahat pati yung snakes ang ladders ko diyan sa bahay tapos may bubbles ako. dapat plastic balloons kaso wala eh.
A: wag na yung plastic balloons nak, dahil alam mo naman na poison yun pag nalunok mo.
D: nag shootshoot kasi kami kahapon dapat 21 ang iskor mo para manalo hindi pwede ang 20 o kaya 23. dapat 21.
A: bakit ilan ba ang score nyo?
D: nakakuha kami ng 8,9 at 7.
A: Bakit magkano ba ang 9+8+7?
D: (nag-isip) 21!
A: (natatawa) dapat ka nang mag Best in Math!
D: oo nga daddy. magaling ako sa Math diba?

biglang pasok ang byenan ko sa kwarto. miss na miss na ang apo at hindi mapigilang sumali sa usapan.

B: Don, kailan ka uuwi? miss na kita (naluluha)
D: mamaya daw after lunch
B: ano ba ang after lunch?
D: pagkatapos kumain.
B: e di kumain ka na ngayon para makauwi na kayo kaagad.
D: hindi ah! mamaya pa yon. ang lunch tanghalian! lola matanda ka na, hindi mo pa alam ang lunch?
bwahahahaha! (tawanan ang lahat)
B: e anong pasalubong mo?
D: kay mommy, pizza, kay daddy at sa kapatid ko donut at ice cream.
B: e sa akin ano?
D: wala!
B: bakit wala ako?!
D: e hayblad ka diba? may baboy sa pizza, bawal ka nun. hindi ka naman kumakain ng donut at ice cream dahil may dayabetes ka diba?
B: kuuuu! ikaw talaga bata ka! kahit kelan inaaway mo ako!
D: eto na lang bubbles bubbles ko lola ibigay ko sa yo. hindi pa naman makapaglaro ang kapatid ko. tsaka pambabae naman kulay nito. pink.
B: salbahe ka!

*M: Misis
**D: Don (Unico Hijo sa ngayon)
***A: Ako
****B: Byenan ko

kahit paano nakakaganti ako sa pamamagitan ng anak ko. har!har!har!

Disclaimer: Talagang ganyan ang anak ko at ang lola niya, laging nagkukulitan pero sweet yan sa lola niya. Hinahanap din lagi ang lola niya para magpa timpla ng gatas at magpahugas ng pwet. My Byenan and I are in good terms. Wala naman kaming away or whatsoever.
Napagtripan ko lang isulat. Dahil siguro sa grabeng init at ang utak ko ay natunaw na lahat para makapag isip ng matinong maisusulat.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ang Sahi Sang Bunga Nga Nagapadayon

This post is dedicated to Rev. Fr. Gregorio "Boy Greg" dela Cruz Soldevilla who celebrated his 10th Sacerdotal (Ordination) Anniversary last March 24,2009 here in our beloved Sta. Monica Parish of Hamtic, Antique.

Fr. Boy Greg is our Assistant Parish Priest and a close family friend. He is well known for his sermons that will keep you awake the whole duration of the mass. He is also known for his distinctive "contagious" laugh. During my years in Japan, he is one of those few who always lifts up my spirit and gives me courage even only through chats, instant messages and prayers.

Congratulations Fr. Boy! and we pray that you continue on your noble service in spreading God's Love to all!

"Ang sahi sang bunga nga nagapadayon" - Juan 15:16b

Happy Bertday ka ba Tyan?

its already past 12 midnight pero andito pa rin ako sa shop nakaupo habang nananakit na ang mga mata sa kakatutok sa monitor habang nanonood ng porno naghihintay na matapos ang mga naglalaro ng Dota. ganito ako halos araw araw, pasado alas dose na kung makauwi ng bahay.

habang nakaupo sa aking swivel chair at feeling prisedente ng kumpanya manedyer ang drama ko, napansin ko na naman ang aking bilbil na sa wari ko ay lumalaki araw araw. feeling ko bundat na bundat na ako.

nito kasing mga nakaraang araw, panay ang panginginain ko kahit na anong pagpipigil ko parang useless lang din ang mga ilang buwan kong pag i-istar gazing kahit tanghaling tapat dahil nga tinitiis ang gutom para lang magbawas ng timbang at laki ng baby farts fats(o baka naman wala ka nang makain? paepek ka pa!) kaya pala siguro lagi akong nahihilo noon. kala ko pa naman ako ang naglilihi dahil nga buntis si kumander (hayan lumabas din ang kulay! feel na feel magbuntis!). meron daw kasi ganoong instances lalo na kapag hinakbangan ka ng isang buntis habang natutulog ka.

paano ba naman kasi, nag leave si misis sa trabaho for 2 weeks dahil schedule na niya ng forced leave. obligado akong umuwi ng bahay every eating time and also, nakakauwi ako pag hapon at nakakapagluto ng kung ano anong leftover meryendang available sa loob ng ref at ibabaw ng lababo. we also have free time para makapag gala gala dahil bakasyon na rin at ang estudyante namin ang siyang nagbabantay ng shop habang wala kami. sabayan din ng bulinggit namin na na adik na yata sa Smokey's Hotdog at lagi na lang nagyayaya or kung minsan naman sa Jollibee o kaya sa Chowking. sa ganitong mga pagkakataon, parang nagsisisi ako kung bakit pa nagpatayo ng ganitong mga establisyimento sa lugar namin. kawawa na naman kasi ang bulsa ko at laspag na laspag na.

timing din ang birthday ni misis kahapon. para makaiwas gastos, nagluto na lang kami ng mga babaunin sa beach para doon mag celebrate. since summer na, timing din para makapag enjoy naman kami with nature and sun. Kaso mas napagastos pa yata kami dahil sa nirentahang sasakyan at dagdagan pa ng anak namin at mga pinsan niya na nagsipaghiritang kumanta sa de hulog ne bidyoke doon sa resort. hayun at namayat ang coin furs fours force purse ni misis. ok din naman kahit paano dahil proud na proud kami habang ang ibang nandoon ay nakanganga na lang habang nakikinig sa mga bata na kung maka iskor ay 99 kada kanta. palibhasa may pinagmanahan (at siguradong hindi sa akin, malas lang nila kung nagkataon!). tapos kanina naman, galing kami sa bahay ng younger sister ni misis dahil birthday celebration din niya. as usual, nagsipaglamunan na naman. tuwang tuwa ang mga bulate ko sa tyan, nabusog ng libre.

Speaking of birthdays, alam nyo ba na sina misis ay very intriguing ang mga birthdays? silang magkakapatid ay halos 1 year and 1 day lang agwat sa isat isa. yes. ang eldest sister nila misis (died several days after delivery) ay April 3, 1978 pinanganak, my wife's birthday is April 4, 1979 then sinundan ng younger sister niya na April 5,1980 tapos ang youngest and only brother nila is May 7,1981(pero according sa aking ina-sa-batas/mother-in-law, dapat ay April 7 talaga ang due date niya kaso nagkaroon ng complications kaya umabot ng 1 buwan ang labor niya na labaspasok sa hospital.

kung magkataon, etong ipinagbubuntis ni misis ay maihilera din sa mga birthdays nila since due na rin ng upcoming bulinggit namin na lumabas anytime from now.

hanep no? magkasunod sunod in every year! hands down ako sa aking ama-sa-batas dahil talaga namang napaka! as in timing pa! may kasabihan nga "Pagbubuntis lang ang pahinga" hehehe! kung buhay lang sana siya(sumalangit nawa!) magpapaturo ako ng tekniks. pero okay na rin sigurong namayapa na siya dahil baka na experience ko pang habulin ng itak noong nililigawan ko pa ang anak niya. dad, wag mo akong multuhin ha, labs na labs ko naman ang bebe mo eh. peksman!

walang wenta na tong pinagsusulat ko! bangag antok lang siguro ako kaya hindi makapag isip ng matino.

o sha! sa nagsipaglayasan a rin sa wakas ang aking mga loyal kustumer. sa sunod na lang ulit. magku close na ako ng shop at tumitilaok na ang mga manok! alas dos y medya na ng madaling araw.

eto nga pala mga kuha namin nung birthday ni misis.