Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adobong Kokak ala Ztirfps

Do you have an appetite for exotic foods? or are you adventurous enough to try one? I have prepared something for you.

Hah! ala WOK WITH YAN naman ngayon ang drama ng inyong lingkod!

Since its been raining here for almost a week now, hindi ako makatulog sa gabi dahil sa ingay ng mga creatures na to. Kaya to make my revenge, i will be preparing something special using them para naman maging kapaki-pakinabang sila aside from being scandalous at night.

Let me show you how to prepare
Adobong Kokak ala Ztirfps


500 grams Pangka Bugungan meat (Palakang Bukid) skinned and cleaned
1 cup vinegar
1-2 medium sized onions sliced
3 bulbs garlic crushed
1 pinch pamintang buo/durog (black pepper whole/crushed)
1 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp atsuwete seeds soaked in 1/4 cup hot water(you can also use food coloring) optional
1 tbsp. cooking oil


1. Make sure to wash the Kokak Meat thoroughly with warm water. Add salt and mix.
2. In medium heat, saute onions, tomato and garlic.
3. Add Kokak meat.
4. Add vinegar and cover. you can also add atsuwete (be sure to strain the seeds)
5. Simmer till the sauce is almost dry. Add black pepper.
6. Serve ad enjoy!


  1. sus! kanamit kaja! this is one my favorites!

  2. I love adobo nga paka, kag ang ginat-an namit man. So, you're in Antiques right now? I remember daw sa Middle East ka man. Anyway, I was in Antique last month and had a great time at Tibiao, Culasi and Pandan and planning to return.

  3. grrrr testingan ko ni. kanamit ni guro ay :)

  4. i never tried pero mukhang HMMMMMM.

    ano lasa?