Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bliss of Waiting

After almost 9 months (8 mos. and 1 week to be exact) of waiting, finally he came.

I would like to introduce the newest member of the
Onanad-Sangilan Family:

ZY "Bos" Onanad Sangilan
Baby Boy
April 9,2009 10:27 am
5.7 lbs.
Angel Salazar Mem. Gen. Hospital

"Lord, we thank you for this another bundle of joy that you entrusted on us. We pray that we will be able to give him all the love, care, understanding, guidance and upbringing that we can in order for him to be the best in whatever he can and wants to be.
We know that this is not an easy task but we are so much grateful for this gift.
Thank you so much Lord and we pray for your guidance, wisdom and strength for us to be able to provide well our responsibilities and duties as parents."

Some trivias about the name:

ZY - last letters of our (me and my wife) name.We decided to give him this name since his older brother's name, FP came from the first letters of our name (Fritz and Pearl Joy)

Bos - as nickname. The name his Lola wrote in all his things. actually we just noticed when the baby is already wearing it. Baby Onanad Sangilan According to my m-i-l (mother-in-law).

Its funny thinking that our eldest is DON and the newborn is BOS. Mga Bigtime!

Ang mag kuyang Bigtime

For more pics of our newborn and the family visit this.


  1. HELLOOOOOOO BABY BOY!!!! WELCOME TO THE WORLD!!! you really have a wonderful and loving family on your side. God bless!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! BOS is so deserving to have strong and determined parents like you guys. i could congratulate you guys with hundreds of words. But the best thing i could say is. Thanks to Him Above, for giving you another baby to hug, love and be loved in return.

  3. congrats ! wow great names for great people!