Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to the Christian World, ZY

May 17, 2009 marked another important day in our son's young life. For this day, he received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.

I would like to present to the whole Christian World our son,
ZY O. Sangilan

Welcome, precious little child,
So fresh from God above,
Baptised today in Jesus’ name,
Held in His arms of love.
May angels guide your tiny feet
And bring you smiles to wear,
And may our Heavenly Father
Always keep you in His care.

Here are some pics of the said event

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Look at me mom.....
You're my No. 1!!

To the Best Nanay in the World,
Happy Mother's Day!

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Saan ka man ngayon, i hope na masaya ka sa kinaroroonan mo, dont worry too much sa aming mga naiwan mo. Kahit na nagkakagulo ay maaayos din yan pagdating ng araw....

Miss na kita Nay, I love you!

Iyong bunsong si Hapon

P.S. Kumusta mo na lang ako kay San Pedro.

I would also like to greet the equally Great Mom in the World, my lovely wife a Wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you for giving me two adorable kids. I Love you MOM!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Probinsyana Gwapa

I want to share this OKM video by Noel Alamis. Actually this is one of the first (and undeniably a hit)OKM (Original Kinaray-a Music) and had gained its popularity with its upbeat and danceable tune. It has been aired not just in Antique but also heard in the airwaves and a much requested song in every baylehan of Panay, parts of Negros and even in Mindanao with Karay-a speaking population.

Probinsyana Gwapa
by: Noel Alamis

Nakita ko ron ang akon mangin amiga
Mayad nga ugali kang bukot suplada
Simple mag pamayo pero may pambato
Mahugnay mag yuhom manami kung turukon

Sa andang balay ako nag pamasyar
Ginpanilagan ko panimalay may respeto
Rugto ko nakita ang andang pag palangga
Amo dyang babaye ang akon gina pangita

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhhh

Akon gin pangayo ang anang pag higugma
Gin kun-an na ako nga wara't pagduha duha
Abaw untoy noel imo pasensyaha
Hulat hulat kaw lang kay ako bata pa

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhh

Ako ang nag hulat mga pito ka tuig
Nga ako paga sabton kang ulay nga taga bukid
Ginpamangkot na ako kang kami nagkita
Andot kadya kaw lang ay may bana ron ako

Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Manaya naya
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Mapinalanggaon pa
Ang Probinsyana Gwapa
Masaringan pa ahhhh

Repeat Chorus

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spending Town Fiesta Without Torturing The Pocket

Today is our Town Fiesta... the Feast of Sta Monica. Whats interesting about it?.. nothing!

Aside from the poor preparations by our municipality, its been raining like hell for several days already. Thanks to Typhoon Dante. The yearly Hantikan Festival seemed to look like a festival for frogs. The Banig Band's performance of OKM (Original Kinaray-a Music) on the night of Festival's kick off was witnessed by less than a hundred or so (mostly teenagers who didnt bother the sky urinating at them and the flooded town plaza). They were good... thinking that the vocalists are two of the province's known OKM artists and my favorite (Sammy Rubido and Mark Quintela), it should be witnessed and appreciated by more. Thanks to the rain (again) and most people prefer to lay their Banig (sleeping mat) and snore the rainy night off.

The vespera night is also celebrated with a band with matching tables for drinking fronting the stage. Bagay na bagay ang setting since the vocalists' voice are just like singing in the karaoke bar. This time the rain stopped for a while.

The sky poured all the rain early in the morning. I was happy for it since we will not be preparing any food nor accepting any visitors. We agreed that this year we will be practical. Instead of spending a lot for feeding mostly people we don't know and leave us with mountain of dishes to wash afterwards, we would just save it for other activities where the whole family will benefit and enjoy. you might call us stingy but i will call it being paractical. heheh. with the world in crisis, we cant afford to be extravagant!

So the rain continue and i am smiling. With this rain, nobody would dare to visit us at the end of Poblacion (Outside the civilization) and brave the moon-like craters of water and mud just to have free lunch. But alas! Sta Monica seemed to hear all the prayers cause at 11 am the skies cleared and people started to emerge on street like ants after the storm.

Then there's a knock at our door. Its my sister and her 3 kids! she was informed earlier that we are not preparing anything but she insisted. She just wanted to get out of their house away from her mother-in-law for a while (i don't know why there's always an issue when it comes to mother-in-laws?).

So my mother-in-law(whom i love) was forced to rummage our freezer and cook menudo for our insisting guest and she manage to have it served at exactly 12 noon! that was quick! and delicious!

We are busy at the dining table when another knock at the door brought us to a pause. There's a heavy-built 40 something man and a kid with plastic bags of rice and fried fih outside with a letter saying that the kids father was killed by the rebels (i don't know which rebel) and needs some help. I gave them 20 pesos, the only amount left in my wallet. They then asked if we can give them food. So i asked our help to put menudo on a plastic bag and hand it to the visitors.

While our helper hands the menudo, the man suddenly asked "Baboy ba ito, Muslim kami... hindi kami kumakain ng baboy".

Watdahek! nanghihingi na nga, namimili pa! sorry na lang sila since that's the only food we prepared. So the guys went away with only 20 pesos from my dying wallet.

Ten minutes later, we heard another knock and it was these two ladies(Aborigine Aetas) who happened to be the helpers of my wife before when they were still kids and living with their grandparents. They frequent us every fiesta and new year asking for aginaldo and old clothes. I can still remember the last new year that they almost fight over a carton of used clothes, shoes and toys that we prepared for them. We were lucky that its just the two of them today cause in the past they used to be almost a barrio. They just asked for a take-home food since they had already eaten at our cousin's house. So we handed the plastic bag which the Muslim visitor recently rejected and the other lady managed to empty the bowl of menudo that was left at the table and filled her plastic bag. They then asked for jeepney fare for their way home. Life nga naman! i am just thankful i am not in their position to beg for jeepney fare. So, its my wife's purse turn to be drained this time.

Sa awa ng Maykapal, no more visitors disturbed us after that since we ignore text messages of friends who asks if there's extra food left for them.

What a way to spend town fiesta without spending too much! Wag lang sana kaming gabaan ni Sta. Monica for ignoring her Feast.

This is a video of the Banig Band performing in another town's fiesta.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PacMan Hits the HitMan

Its the first time i watch Pacquiao's fight live via pay per view. I am not really a big fan of Manny Pacquiao but i cant help myself from cheering especially when Manny Pacquiao TKOs Ricky Hatton on the second round of their fight.

Pacquiao knocked down Hatton twice in the first round then hit Hatton with a left in the second that sent Hatton flat on his back on the canvass of the MGM Grand Arena.

Pacquiao snatched Hatton’s International Boxing Organization junior welterweight title and his sixth title in different weight divisions.

Congratulations Manny! and to all Filipinos around the world cheering for the People's Champ.... Mabuhay! Medyo sayang nga lang ang mga bumili ng ticket sa mga cinemas. Hindi man lang uminit ang mga puwet, Knock out na kaagad.
To those who have not watched the fight, click this.

*Photos courtesy of Yahoo!images